Health Declaration, Coordination of Expectations and Change or Cancellation Terms and Conditions for Participants in an Introductory Dive or a Swim with Dolphins.

Dear Participants, to preserve your health and ensure your safety and enjoyment during the activity,
please carefully read the change or cancellation terms and conditions referring to the activity you are planning to reserve.

General Terms:
For Introductory dive with the dolphins - The minimal age to participate in the activity is 8 years old.

For Swim with the dolphins - The minimal age to participate in the activity is 10 years old. the participant is
required to have good swimming skills and deep-water confidence and experience in using a snorkel mask and fins.

Medical Information: Have you ever had or do you currently have any of the following conditions:

Asthma or past/present respiratory condition

Past/present ear problems

High or low blood pressure

Sinus Problems

Cardiovascular Disease or a previous case of Cardiac problems


Surgery or recent Illness


Chronic Illness

Prescription drugs

Movement impairment or a functional impairment

Spectacles or contact lenses above 6

Any mental condition


 For Other medical issue or limitation please contact us


For your information: Withholding medical information might result in severe damage to the participants health.
If you suffer from any of the conditions mentioned above, or would like to notify us of a condition not mentioned,
please consult with us prior to placing your reservation.
In any case of doubt or if a question arises, please contact us at the following e-mail address: or call:  +972 8 6300101 between the hours of 9am and 3pm and we will refer you
to consultation and receiving medical approval from the appropriate responsible body.
* Upon your arrival at the diving center, you are required to sign the above-mentioned health declaration,
or to present a medical approval if you were required to do so.
It has also been clarified to me and I am aware that:

* Children up to 18 years old must have an adult
accompany them throughout their visit.
   Companion entrance will require paying the regular
entrance fee.
* No cameras, of any kind, are allowed to be brought into the   
water during the activity in the dolphin area.
* Touching the dolphins is forbidden.

* During the dive the instructor may hold the
hand of the participant or the participant’s diving
gear, according to his/her judgment.
* Flying after completing the dive is forbidden for
two hours.
* Diving during pregnancy is forbidden.

Change or Cancellation Terms and Conditions:
A reservation transaction can be cancelled (According to Consumer Protection Law 1981, including regulations by virtue of it) by placing a notification in one of the following ways:
Via a phone call to the following number: +972 8 63001111 or by canceling at the service desk of The Dolphin Reef, any day of the week, between the hours of 9am and 2pm. It should be clarified that as long as an order cancellation is placed according to the conditions
of Consumer Protection Law, provisions of the Consumer Protection Act will apply- cancellation of a remote sale transaction according to Consumer Protection Law and in accordance with the following details:

A full refund will be issued for cancellations placed before 2pm on the day prior to the date of the booked activity.
Changes to the reservation can be made without additional charge before 2pm on the day prior to the date of the booked activity.

No refund will be issued in the following cases:
* The customer did not show up at the time that was set in advance for the activity and therefore was not able to participate in it.
* Participation in the activity was denied due to the customer withholding medical information at the time of placing the order, or at the time of filling-in the health declaration.
* The customer decided to not participate in, or complete the activity for any reason.
* The customer has refused to cooperate with the guide’s instructions and the activity was terminated due to that.
* The customer requested to place a change/cancellation that is not in accordance with the terms and conditions.
For your information: Assuring the booked activity is in accordance with availability and following payment
confirmation from the credit card company.

Closing the form and clicking on the “I agree” button serves as confirmation that you have read and agree to all that is listed above.